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Event details:

Date: July 28th - 30th, 2023

Location: Eco-Camp, Lake Berryessa, Napa CA

(7850 Berryessa Knoxville Rd, Napa, CA 94558)

Do You Need Help Motivating Your Son - Without Nagging or Yelling ?

Learn How to Mentor Your Son So the Lessons He Learns at The YMUW Becomes Permanent

While your son is attending the YMUW, we highly recommend that all parents participate in a live event and on an online course. These two activities have helped parents just like you to enjoy more caring and cooperative relationships with your spouse and son.

1)  a rite of passage for parents which will initiate you into a new, more effective way of parenting your son. This rare, live event will show you how to masterfully mentor your son so that he can calmly, clearly and confidently handle his transition from boyhood to adulthood.


2) an online course that will teach you how to more effectively use your authority and influence with your son in a way that minimizes conflict and maximizes cooperation.

You’ll learn a new method of parenting teens that will foster the healthy development of your son’s emotional intelligence, whether your son is an extrovert or introvert, over-empowered or under-driven, overconfident or unwilling, entitled or indifferent.


Motivate Your Son More Effectively - Without Nagging or Yelling 

The in-person rite of passage and the online course are led by Dr. Mark Schillinger, YMUW Founder, and past YMUW President, David Bohegian. Together, they’ll mentor you so that you’ll be able to skillfully guide your son in a way that will motivate him to become more cooperative inside of your home, more responsible outside of your home, more confident of himself and more relaxed with the world. 


Their original method of parenting, The RIGHT Way for Family Unity, integrates

practical ancestral wisdom from small tribes, and combines it with the best insight from the sciences of positive discipline, stress management, adolescent brain development, personal growth and parent-child bonding.


Important Note:  Your son may be suffering from the anxiety and stress of being overly attached to his digital devices and consistently having to handle school responsibilities.

Our system of mentoring young men will provide you with a clear roadmap that will allow him to overcome these obstacles. By using this method, you’ll be able to confidently lead your son in the right direction.


Is It Mandatory That Parents Participate?  

It’s been our experience that when parents and their sons are using the same technology that encourages shared values like respect, cooperation and resilience,  they have a much higher probability that they’ll achieve the true family unity they desire.


That said, it is not a requirement that you attend this workshop in order for your son to participate in the YMUW. We have an open-door policy, so if parents change their mind when they drop off their sons at the YMUW, they can still attend!


Good To Know: Lisa Ling also praised the events Dr. Mark leads for parents as well as her support for the YMUW



How the Parent Rite Of Passage Will Help You


It’s unrealistic for you to think that by sending your son to the YMUW rite of passage adventure camp, he’s automatically going to become completely prepared for the challenges of the adult world. When you attend this companion parent workshop, your entire family can enjoy more caring and cooperative relationships. This is because you’ll know how to motivate your son in a “biological” - not psychological - language that guides him to do the right things.


Our method of parenting uses tribal family wisdom, combined with the sciences of positive discipline, stress management, adolescent brain development, personal growth and parent-child attachment bonding.


YMUW highly recommends this rite of passage for all parents, but it’s not mandatory.

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