Upcoming Rite Of Passage Initiations
JULY 16- 18 2021
 AUG 20-22 2021

2021 Registration Opening Soon!

Harston Angus Ranch in Sebastopol, CA

Harston Angus Ranch in Sebastopol, CA

COMPANION Workshop for parents

While the YMUW is underway, we highly recommend parents attend the workshop "Raising Your Son to Be Happy, Responsible & Resilient - Without Nagging, Yelling, or Punishing", we will be offering this workshop virtually. Please check back for those dates.

The workshop is taught by Dr. Mark Schillinger, YMUW Founder. This practical presentation will be held at a hotel close to the YMUW site. When you learn the same technology that our mentors use with your son, you'll be able to skillfully use your authority and influence in a way that will motivate your son to become more responsible inside of your home, more resilient in the outside world, more respectful of himself and others, as well as more relaxed with the world.


For more information about the workshop please click here.

How the Parent Workshop Will Help You


It’s unrealistic for you to think that by sending your son to the YMUW rite of passage adventure camp, he’s automatically going to become completely prepared for the challenges of the adult world. When you attend this companion parent workshop, your entire family can enjoy more caring and cooperative relationships. This is because you’ll know how to motivate your son in a “biological” - not psychological - language that guides him to do the right things.


Our method of parenting uses the practical ancestral wisdom from small tribes and combines it with the best insight from the sciences of positive discipline, stress management, adolescent brain development, personal growth and parental bonding.


YMUW highly recommends this workshop for all parents, but it’s not mandatory.

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Dr. Mark Schillinger, D.C., is both the Executive Director of the Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend, Inc (YMUW), and the sole owner of Challenging Teenage Sons, Inc (CTS). This notice is in compliance with California Non-profit Law (section 5000) and the California Business and Professions Code (Sections 5230 through 5239, and Section 10133) and applies to any activities coordinated between YMUW and CTS.

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