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help your boy become the man

help your son

Raising a young man today isn't easy, for you or him. Taking the step from boy to young man is hard, confusing and can take a toll on any family. We know, we're parents too.


We want to help.


The "Ultimate Weekend" is a modern day rights-of-passage experience where your son will be challenged and mentored to take the step up from boy to young man. The "Ultimate Weekend" isn't easy (just like life), but the lessons learned have consistently lead to better family relationships and, most importantly, a young man who respects himself so he can respect everyone else.



What happens?

The YMUW goes from Friday evening to Sunday morning. During the weekend he'll work in teams to learn new skills, run the gauntlet of the obstacle course, eat awesome food and take part in meaningful rituals.


Even if they're not typically an "outdoors" kind of young man, they'll find the weekend to be an amazing adventure that will inspire them in all parts of your life.


Trust us, they'll love it.



The Young Men's Ultimate weekend has been successfully run for more than 18 years and has seen more than 2000 Young Men graduate. 


We are a non-profit staffed entirely by volunteers devoted solely to helping young men succeed in the modern world.

Who runs the weekend?

The weekend is run by trained volunteers. Young men only interact with their Mentors and weekend leadership, so things stay simple for them. The YMUW is a non-profit that has been successfully operating more than 50 weekends for 18 years.

What's the right way?

At the weekend, our mentors teach a clear set of values based on the R.I.G.H.T. way. They'll learn the meaning of Respect, how to use their Intelligence, what it means to be Gallant, finding Humor in anything, and how to live True to themselves and others. 


Young men at the weekend only interact with our mentors who are trained in using the R.I.G.H.T. way method.

Where, When, What?

There are two weekends coming up this year. If you want your son to participate in either weekend, click on Join Us and register them as a participant. The cost is $250 per event, but if that's going to be hard for you let us know when you register and we'll contact you about scholarships and other ways to handle that. We're a non-profit, so it's about your son getting their weekend, not for making a profit.


This is the right challenge for your son, and on behalf of the hundreds of volunteers that make this weekend happen, please...

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